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Sports Cupcake Topper


This is another quick one. It requires white, brown, orange and green fondant. You can buy the colors ready made or dye them using Wilton colors.
You also need royal icing in white and red, and either black royal icing or a black edible marker. (I used the marker for this one.)
Royal icing is easy to make from scratch. Wilton also makes a mix that just needs water.

To make the grass, use green fondant rolled 1/16″ (Wilton roller with pink bands). Take a Wilton cake decorator tip in a star shape (like #14) and drag it over the fondant.

To make the baseball, roll a piece of white fondant in the size you want the baseball to be. Mine was about the size of a nickel. When the fondant has dried a little (overnight is ideal), draw the stripes with red royal icing. Don’t go all the way around, or it will sit unevenly. The lines should be straight but come closer together in the middle. Glue the baseball to the green fondant with gum glue adhesive or royal icing.

The basketball should be about twice the size of the baseball. Roll the orange fondant into a ball. You can texture it using a Wilton texturing mat, or a piece of cross stitch fabric (plastic is best, but fabric can work if that’s all you have.) This is the difficult part, because you need the fondant to be dry enough that it will stay in the ball shape but not too dry. You also need the right amount of pressure. If you don’t press the cross stitch hard enough, the pattern won’t show up on the fondant, but if you press too hard, the fondant will lose the ball shape. This will take some practice and probably several tries to get it right.

Draw the lines on with the edible marker or the black royal icing. One line should go straight down the middle. Another should be perpendicular, making an “x” across the middle of the ball. The other two lines should be evenly spaced on either side of the middle line. If you are using the marker, you can go all the way around. If using Royal icing, stop before you get to the bottom. Attach the basketball to the green fondant the same way you did the baseball.

Use about the same amount of brown fondant for the football as the basketball. Roll it into an egg shape. You can texture it the same way you did the basketball, or leave it smooth. Using white royal icing, draw two lines across near the “top” and “bottom” of the egg. In the middle draw one line with several crosshatches across it to make the recognizable football stitches. Attach this to the green fondant also and you have your sports topper!

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Today’s Cute Baseball Story

I love baseball. I especially love the Oakland A’s. This season, I’ve listened to most of their games on the radio via my iPhone (I can’t watch the games on TV when I’m at work!)

I was listening to yesterday’s game (versus the Brewers) and I heard the cutest baseball story ever. I just have to share it.

Ryan “Scooter” Gennett, who was just called up from the minor leagues three days ago, is, apparently, the new crowd favorite in Milwaukee. The A’s radio announcer told the following story about how he got the nickname “Scooter”.

When Ryan was 4, his favorite show was Muppet Babies, and his favorite character was Scooter. He also had a habit of not using a seat belt in the car. To break him of this habit, his parents took him to a police station to talk to some cops; have them teach him how dangerous it is. When the cops asked him what his name was, he didn’t want to tell them his real name. He was afraid he’d get in trouble. So he said “Scooter”.

And that’s been his nickname ever since.

It’s just too bad he’s not on the A’s. they’ve already got Coco Crisp, who goes by a childhood nickname. Wouldn’t it be awesome to root for Coco and Scooter?

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