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Ramblings of a sleepy head

I haven had much sleep the past few days. I’ve been working a lot, which is great for my paycheck, but not so great for sleep and the fibro.

For those of you who don’t know, I work retail, so the hours are crazy anyway. But I’m part of the shipment and pricing teams, which means a lot of my shifts are before the store opens and after it closes. Normally I have a good mix of early morning and “regular” shifts.

Not this week.

Sunday, I worked 5 am to 2 pm.
Monday, I worked 6 am to 3 pm.
Tuesday, I worked 4 am to 1 pm.
Then I came back Tuesday night at 10, and worked until 6 am Wednesday.

Luckily I have the rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday off, so I can sleep in and sit in the hot tub.

And next week I get to go to Disneyland!!! And see my friend whom I haven’t seen in forever!!!!

But for now, I’m going to say good mor– nah, good night.

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I’m on some new medication, but I don’t know if that’s what causing my problem or not. I’ve been really dizzy lately. I can’t even stand still, and my vision gets so blurry I can hardly type. This happens on and off, though I almost constantly have the feeling of being off balance.
I’ve been drinking a lot of water, so it’s not dehydration. I’m not sure what is causing this, or what I should do about it.

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New year, new insurance!

Yay! I had my first doctor’s appointment with my new insurance today.
My insurance is definitely more expensive now, but it’s worth it, since a) it’s insurance (unlike the last three months) and b) it’s much more convenient than CMSP (which is what I had before losing insurance.)

I had a lot to catch my doctor up on. The first thing we discussed was my chronic pain. Dr. G thinks I might not have fibromyalgia, but a neurological disorder.

I’m also going to physical therapy for my arms and back, behavioral therapy for the anxiety and depression, and a neurologist for the pain. I also started a new medication that is normally used to treat seizures and neurological pain.

I really like this doctor, and I feel like he’s going to work closely with me to figure out what’s going on with my page-long list of symptoms.

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